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Cherry Springs Star Party June 18 - 21

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This even will be held on the weekend stated above, at Cherry Springs State Park, near Coudersport, PA. It is a great event with at least one glorious night of viewing on each of the four times I have attended. Last year we had two great nights. About 450 people attend, with scopes ranging from 3" to 30". There is a vendor tent, where I met Al Nagler last year, and a swap meet.

There are also lectures on various aspects of astronomy, and some pretty good prize drawings.

There are hotels near the park, or you can buy a tent and sleeping bags for the cost of a couple of nights hotelling and stay in the park.

Why not make it part of a week or ten days' vacation? You could fly into New York, Newark, Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh or Buffalo, rent a car with a GPS and do some great sightseeing and historical visiting, (oh, and shopping,) before and after CSSP. Even around CSSP there are some sights and vistas worth seeing.

It may seem odd to have a star party on the shortest night of the year, but at these latitudes we get several hours of true darkness even on June 21st, and the skies at CSSP are mag 6, and some say mag 7.

Costs for restaurant meals and hotels in the US tend to be much more reasonable than in Britain, and the cost of petrol is less than half what you pay. So, give it a real think over.

I'll be there! http://www.astrohbg.org/CSSP/Information.html

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