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FITS Liberator

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I'm just starting to play with FITS Liberator and the FITS format, and I'm trying to follow the instructions here:


alas, despite following the instructions to the "t", I cannot really get anything decent, even remotely resembling some of the sample images that I've seen others produce from these very same FIT files (I'm playing with the M31 FITS files from here http://www.mistisoftware.com/astronomy/index_fits.htm ).

Has anyone got any tips? I've tried manually adjust the hue/sat, curves and levels layers for each channel, but the results still look quite ugly.

I'm quite familiar with photoshop, since my primary hobby is photography (macro).


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Anyone at all?

I just had a play with Registrax and again, really un-intuitive UI. Attempted stack comes out very badly green, not balanced at all between the L, R, G & B channels as I'd expect. I'm starting to think that either the .fits files I've grabbed are corrupted, or I'm just a big ole dummy when it comes to astro processing...


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