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blue filter deliverers the sharpest Venus image tonight

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I am going to try and catch Venus every couple of days for as long possible/safe to do so. Still doing a UV image, but more interested in the thinnest crescent possible.

Yesterday evening i imaged in UV, then IR. I have been using the Astronomik 807 Proplanet for the I/R images. The seeing was excellent last night, when i was imaging so i tried my Blue filter that was in the wheel from previous RGB sessions. I was very surprised that it was far sharper and more stable than the 807 filter, despite the settings being very similar.

I have been getting a bit of an "onion ring" effect, but that vanished immediately. 

ALL images with C9.25, Asi290mm, X1.8 Barlow.  Top image is UV, middle 807 filter, bottom blue filter.




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9 hours ago, sloz1664 said:

Wow, really like the 2nd image, which I presume is with the blue filter. cracking crescent by the way.


On 1st view it does look the sharpest image, but that is at the expensive of the "Onion ring" effect. This is not visible at all in the last (blue) image, i could have probably sharpened it at little more to be honest.

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Really nice work Pete, the blue filter has produced a lively sharp natural looking image. 

No more venus for me as it's behind next door's 60ft trees by the time I've done the kiddos dinner and bedtime and can get outside, never mind... roll on Mars! 

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That's nice and sharp.

I too will stick it out as long as possible to get the thinnest (and biggest) crescent. I find the most difficult thing is getting the damn thing in focus.

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