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Well, that was a little disappointing to say the least!

I down loaded Celestrons new CPWI the other day and on the surface thought it looked very good.

This evening was the first opportunity I've had to give it a test run. Basically alignment  failed badly. Has anybody else had a similar experience, if so, how did you resolve it?


Now at this point it's best to give you an idea of my experience. I am not a newbie, I have had plenty of experience with a Meade scope, an LX90 10" on a CGEM. Long story short I had to sell due to ill health.

I ran that scope for 5 years.

I have mentioned this as it appears to most folk that I now run with a 'starter' scope, a Celestron Astrofi 125mm Scmitt/Cass....this one is lite enough for me to pick up!

I found for me, the WIFI option to be unusable due to lack of accuracy. 

I have been using a fully up dated 'Starsence' and found it to be great bit of kit that has never failed me yet! (used one on the Meade also)

I was very careful to enter all my info about location and mount , the 'up' and 'right' rule. Thinking back, the only thing I did not change was the time. CPWI is on UTC and the UK is on DST so CPWI is an hour behind.

Can anybody think of why , other than this that it should fail?

After this I went back to my starsense hand control and all was well.



Clear skies



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I have the latest version. 

Works like a charm. And I like it.  

I had initial problems to. But was time and location settings (frustrating, but I had forgot daylight savings...) . Good polar alignment helps a lot, of coarse. 

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