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Bino veiwers for Astronomy

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I’ve been debating for some time now about binoveiwers for telescopes and mostly here good reports and reviews in people useing them I also understand there plus and minuses in useing them the draw backs are as most manufacturers use bak 4 type prisms similar or the same to cheaper alternative to star diagonals and perhaps some stray light through the optical path you also from i hear you loose roughly 10% of light reaching your eye so in general respect if your useing  a 10” scope loosing around 1” Aperture of your scope.there seem to be a few contenders on the market worth considering ie like the major contenders are OVL ,Omegon ,and similar brands seem to be at the same price point for around £150 then the next step up I’ve heard good praise about are William optics at £279 which include x2 of there own eyepieces including in the package maybe a good starting point then Baader planetarium and televue at the other side of the spectrum which are high end cost £1000+ another dent in the wallet.the only draw back also is you seem to be limited on what actual eyepieces you can use as all have 1.25” push fit or did I also hear some where that an adaptation can be made to the more high end range so allows you to use 2” eyepieces also!? As in the ideal world it would be amazing I can imagine useing thease for wide field views of deep sky.but seems to me do most people use thease for planetary observing and of course the moon as do seem to offer a 3D like experience as I can’t imagine thay are a lot easier to use with out eye strain and better eye relief which kinds of make sense really as we are useing both eyes instead of one and trust me still cannot get the hang of just keeping both eyes open while viewing through the telescope eyepiece have to close the left one otherwise just find it distracting maybe it’s just me.And finally the most important report I’ve heard which I’m in between two minds about that people actually state thay seem to see more by using binoveiwers which definitely seems to be an interesting topic to talk about and open to debate the true,s and falses about is it possible to see more or not to be or not to be so to speak!?in theory how can that be however I’ve kind of come up with my own conclusion I don,t know maybe we can as the day we are all born we open our eyes not one two of them and like thay also say two hands are better than one and always will be in my eyes exscuse the punt.so just maybe we can see more as our eyes links to our brains so in theory maybe we can for exsample just like a computer the more input you type into the keyboard and more research you do are,nt you more able to see more information brought up to you on the monitor screen.

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While you wait for replies, you might want to have a look through the posts in this thread that I started a  few years back. It may well cover some of the topics that you are interested in:


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