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Baader MaxBright-II Binoviewer Review


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13 minutes ago, Stu said:

I assume you would return them and try another pair?

Yes @Stu. Giving them another go tonight but there is no reason why they will be any different - just want to be sure. Overall they tick all the right boxes for me and I still want a pair. I was disappointed with the broken end cap and the metal burrs in the adapter. These are not huge issues but should have been easy to spot in a QC check. No way the end cap was damaged to such an extent in transit as the packaging and the case they come in are excellent.

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I still couldn't (initially) merge last night at 80x with the 1.7xGPC, 10mm APMs and the FC-76. No problem merging with the Zeiss binoviewers. I swapped the 1.7x GPC for the 2.6x and the 10mms for 20mm TV plossls to get a similar magnification (the 1.7xGPC is more like 1.4x-1.5x in my experience) and had no problem merging. Switching EPs to the 15mms (105x) and then the 10mms (157x) also presented no problem. Odd that I couldn't merge when viewing a small sunspot earlier in the day as that setup also uses the 2.6x GPC.

Adding more magnification before the binoviewer presumably narrows the beam and reduces the effect of any mis-collimation which is maybe why operating this way appears to be common practice (for me also).

Weirdly I later switched back to the 1.7x GPC and the 10mms and could also merge this combination. I rotated the eyepieces, swapped left for right, but the image still remained merged.

So far:

  • No problems at low magnifications (<50x).
  • No apparent problems at high magnifications using the 2.6x GPC at night.
  • A problem with the 2.6x during the day at over about 80x. 
  • Typically a problem with the 1.7x GPC at 80x and above at night.

Probably should run this past FLO for their thoughts.

Weather permitting I will try for that sunspot at lunchtime to see if I still have problems merging.

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Much better day today with the binoviewers. The 1.7X GPC and the shorter FL EPs still can require a little patience to merge but I have got used to it. I also realised the the barrel design is different between the two 15mm APMs. One tapered, the other straight. Not sure that is helping. Anyway the binoviewers are staying. Great lunar views tonight. 

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