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My New Pulsar 2.1m Obsy - Finished :-)


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44 minutes ago, Nigella Bryant said:

Oh goodness, it'll be all worth it in the long run though. You'll be all ready for the dark evening's. Least you'll have the guy's from pulsar sorting out the dome build. 

Thanks Nigella,

I could build it fine, but it worked out better on my back to let them do it.

Don’t want to go fighting any more tigers🙄🥴😁

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Hi John,

Steve (steppenwolf) pointed me to jour posts and I now read through this amazing thread and a very intense journey! 

I am also considering investing in a roof-top Pulsar 2.2m dome (with fully motorised drives) and am faced with some limitations regarding what I could do on the roof in terms of base isolation (no concrete possible due to statics). So eagerly awaiting to hear how your story finishes with the new replacement model and any final tips you may have for the rest of us. :)

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I've been following your progress on SGL and am genuinely sorry that you're not happy with the dome that you purchased from me back in June.

I'm also very sorry if you feel I was economical with the truth when you bought it. I believe that I was completely open and honest about any issues that I knew about at the time of sale and I tried to help you solve any problems that arose after you had installed it at your home.

For the record - for any one considering the use of Polytrol. The treatment that John struggled to remove was a single coat of Polytrol that had been applied by brush approx. 18 months ago. So please use with care!

Anyway, I'm pleased you've managed to sell the old dome on for what you paid me for it and hope you enjoy your new one.


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I'm not getting into a slagging match Steve, I believe you were economical with the truth, Indeed I acknowledged there were problems with the shutter and accepted that I needed to work on that, but I was never told of the totally rotten rubber dampers which had a major contribution to the banging noises which you did acknowledge after I pointed it out, The arduino board was hanging by a bit of velcro and the banging vibration caused frequent disconnections. The faded peeling treatment you applied would not come off indicating some other treatment other than just polytrol. I replaced the cambelt in order to try and resolve the banging.

I acknowledged that I bought a second-hand pulsar dome and I had no further recourse to you, but I was very disappointed concerning the faults with the dome.

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