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Dew heater band power requirements!!?


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Hi guys I’ve just purchased an 12v Dew heater band from rother valley optics the other day it also has an built in heat control also which is handy however I’m a little stuck on what the best power bank supply is best to use I’ve heard from the dealer that thay are quite forgiving on the juice so to speak (power) I’ve decided to go against another mains cable just to trip over or the cord to wrap around my Meade 12” ACF I’ve also been looking at thease tracer power banks which personally think are a tad exspensive for what thay are however portable and small as in the ideal world I’m thinking of attaching the small power bank to side of forks with some kind of Velcro straps.i don,t know maybe tracer are a little over kill for what I intend useing it for anyway.ive had a little dig online and eBay and a little dubious with a product with no brand name puts me off a little I’ve seen a power bank on Amazon which is around £40-50 which has 2.1mm jack which is required to run the dew band heater and is 12v etc etc the capacity of the power bank is 3000mah lithium ion and another slightly more exspensive model at 6000mah would either of thease batteries be sufficient to run for a good 3-5 hrs and the brand is called talent cell !?

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First thing I'd do is ask Rother valley how many amps the strap draws ... Or buy a multimeter and measure it. Then multiply how many hours you need by the ampage then roughly double it. That's the Ah rating you'd need for a battery to reliably last. To complicate things ! You probably won't have the strap turned fully up so you will get away with less capacity. 😁

Rough guess a strap for a 12" scope will be around 2 amps so 2 X 3 to 5 X 2 = 12 to 20 Ah sounds high but you never want to run the power bank down to more than 50% 

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