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Hadley Rille - 1st May 2020

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I had a very clear demonstration of the resolution benefits of larger scopes this evening. I was observing with the Tak for the first part of the evening at high powers, up to x250, possibly more and the views were relatively stable and very clear. I was also doing some more live streaming on FB and having the scope on the Vixen GP made that a really good success.

I looked for Hadley Rille in the Tak, and whilst I could see a short section on it, the rest eluded me.

Later on, actually when I was thinking about packing in, I spotted the 8” f8, calling to me to be used 😉. It was already cooled so took only a moment to setup. The seeing was quite wobbly at high power, more so in the larger aperture but immediately I could see the additional detail. I managed three, possibly four Plato craterlets although they were very tough. The detail elsewhere was stunning though, a lot more fine stuff visible. I need to have a trawl through the atlas to check out what I saw.

Anyway, the point of the post..... I checked back on Hadley Rille and despite the variable seeing was delighted to be able to follow its whole winding length, a really amazing sight and one I’ve not seen for quite a while. This scope certainly delivers on high power lunar views, exactly why I bought it! I guess the point of the post is that I often enjoy the aesthetically more pleasing views through my refractors, but do also enjoy the additional detail that comes from the higher resolution in the larger apertures; the challenge for me is that these are often more affected by seeing conditions so take a bit more patience to wait for the moments of good seeing. Ultimately you see more though.

A couple of random images taken through the Tak with my phone for the record. I’ve added one which shows the general area of Hadley Rille.




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