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Skyshed POD flooring.


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I'm using my skyshed POD a bit differently to most people I think.

Instead of using a permanent pier in the centre, I use an EQ6 Pro mount on a wheeled pier and a 12" goto Dobsonian on a wheeled trolley.

This enables me to position either scope in the best position for the night's intended viewing targets and avoid the zenith being obscured by the dome hemisphere.

It's quite stable even though it's on an elevated wooden deck becuase I reinforced the centre underneath with unistrut steel rack.

I initially used vinyl lino on the floor inside to cover the plank joints but that still caused a problem with moving the heavy wheeled mounts because it tended to ruck up.

I thought I'd give some cheapo laminate click lock flooring a go, and it has worked out really well. The surface is now really hard, so the wheels move very easily, and yet are easily anchored with the corner jacks.

I pre-assembled the planks in the lounge and cut the 80 inch circle after marking it out (each piece at a time with a jigsaw), and then re-assembled it in the dome.

I sealed the edges with a silicon bead, so it should be ok with the very occasional drips.  If it was more leaky I'd have needed to use vinly clicklock instead of laminate clicklock, because that is impervious to water.

I used two 2.5 sq metre packs at £16 each.  (SWMBO still moaned though, something about the house taking second place........ 🤓)

obsy floor cut.jpg

obsy floor installed.jpg

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Thanks for the responses and sorry for the delay in replying to everyone, I've not looked in here for a while. 🙂

Yes Alan, Martin was correct, it is the skwatcher pillar, but with a couple of mods.  I cut a circular hole just below the top so that O could change mounts without undoing the allen bolts around the perimeter to gain access.  The simple moveability solves the apex blindspot of the Pod, and I can easily realign with the polefinder camera.

I've had no problems with humidity under the laminate because my Pod is on wooden decking a couple of feet above the ground, so temperatures are equalised underneath.

Good point about eyepiece dropping Earl !  Since taking the photos I've lined the tops of the pillars leg arms with foam pipe insulation and the laminate has just enough spring in it to hold the pillar firm without being as hard as ceramic tiles.   No disasters yet, but I think there's a good chance that they would survive.  I can't use carpet or felt becuase the pillar wouldn't the "glide" so easily.

Quite right Swoop1,  I only purchased the observatory to keep the house nice and tidy.  (Good one, I'll have to remember that  🙂).

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