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Astrozap (not working)

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Hi people I had to come in early this evening or should I say morning typical as it was a lovely clear night initially I was wondering while I was observing  how the objects seem very dull or dim love and behold my correcter on my 12”Meade sct ACF dewed over I always use the Astrozap regardless of weather conditions really annoying really as obviously it does,nt do what it’s supposed to do any suggestions do I need a heated one maybe!? However maybe a few strong words to the supplier would,nt go a miss in the nicest possible way of course lol .

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I always complimented my Dew shield on the 12" Meade SCT with a heater strip.

The Dew shield helps to a point... when the OTA is pointed upwards there's always the chance of dew formation on the corrector.


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