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Whirlpool galaxy and Starlink trails!

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Hi all thought I'd get out and try out for the first time on my 200pds some imaging. I have normally been observing only but with all this free time on lockdown i'd give it a go. so I chose the Whirlpool galaxy M51. It's only a single exposure of 2 1/2 mins with an unmodified 550d. Having set up I began, when the image came up I couldn't believe what I saw. I knew Starlink was visible but not where  I was imaging. I can only dread when they are all up and running! 

Not the best image but gives you an Idea.IMG_9804.thumb.jpg.25f01bbcf8dd568529a54af0e151d035.jpg

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6 minutes ago, LongJohn54 said:

Ahh, missed them.  I started at 22:45.  Still light twilight before 22:00

Yes it was. You was lucky . I'm not a serious at it just yet I just went out to give it a go, but not sure on the future whether its worth spending more money if all you'll get is those to contend with. 

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2 minutes ago, LongJohn54 said:

I'm getting back into imaging after 18 months off.  The secret is lots of subs then the processing software can eliminate them.

Thanks for the tip. Its so much to take in but one step at a time. 

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23 minutes ago, MarkAR said:

But will sigma stacking cope with half a dozen or more streaks in every shot !!!

It might do.  I'll bet it can't fix 1 easyJet though.   Satellites may be a pain but to properly ruin a sub you need an Airbus A319 at 3,700ft on it's descent into Glasgow airport.   The joys of living under a flight path. 🙄


NGC3254 SN -10c 240s-Jet_R.jpg

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2 minutes ago, teoria_del_big_bang said:

This was one of my 5 min subs from another galaxy not too far away from Whirlpool.



That's insane.   I hope the rest of your subs are way better.

Perhaps send that sub to a newspaper.   They love a good illustration of problems like this.  Sky at Night and Astronomy Now as well.

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