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1st Lunar Image


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First trial image with my pocket digital camera. Taken on 4th March 2006.

Digiscope adaptor, eyepiece projection.

Seeing not good with some whispy cloud - only managed 6 shots.

Overexposed - need to knock back EV a couple of stops next time. Camera had problem with auto focus. Switch to manual?



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Thanks for the feedback

I'll try a higher mag. next time Ian. I guess on a full(ish) moon the auto exposure would have a better chance?

All I need is a bit of clear sky to have another go................. don't know when that will be though.

Pass me that Stargazers Lounge cloud gun!


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Thanks WH

The TAL has an aperture reducer in the lens cap.( for imaging the sun)

I could try that but I think that the resolution would suffer.

The image through the TAL was a lot sharper than the posted image.

Difficult to experiment when you've only literally minutes to take a few shots before the clouds roll in!

Next time (when?) I'll try 1) reducing the EV, 2) using a mask and 3) using a moon filter


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