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What, no Lyrids?

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Despite my Bortle 8 skies five miles from a city centre, I set up in my dark corner at 2230 ready for some Lyrid action through the night.

A nine foot fence behind me to the west, with clear views north and south and east high over the house, it was worth a go.

Accompanied by a ST120, 10x50 binoculars, tea and hot chocolate, let the fireworks commence!

Unfortunately the meteor shower was more a slow drip, with two flashes observed to the NE, one to the E and a decent streak to the SE all night until 0330.

Luckily my eyeballs weren't glued to the skies, so I managed to observe through the Startravel nothing particularly remarkable to the seasoned observer; galaxies M81 and M82. Globulars M3, M5, M13, M53 & M92. Mostly smudges but M5 and M13 did twinkle a bit at 75x. Open cluster Ste 1 in Lyra. Topped off with M57 The Ring Nebula viewed at 150x.

Finally, heroically splitting Epsilon2 Lyr with a dodgy 4mm "TMB II" eyepiece aided by a Skywatcher 2x barlow I haven't seen for a year providing 300x(!). My eyes still hurt. I'll have a crack at the Double Double with the Skymax 102 next time, it should be easier and not quite so fuzzy or wobbly...

I suppose all things considered, not a bad night's observing under city skies with a cheap wide field achro.


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Nice report Peter !

Followed the Starlink satellite train ,thanks to the benevolent and wonderful  Elon Musk.

Put out the garden recliner , got togged up and waited and waited .Went through to 1am , just one very spectular trailed Lyrid.

Viewed  the globulars , ended up with the planetary Nebula ,NGC 6543 ( "cat eye ") very very bright and wonderfully resolved at x200.

keep safe , Nick.

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