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Little Sagitta


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Eager to get out and get some fuzzy action. Two stars kept coming to mind in Virgo. The first was a remembered "little Sagitta" ( Σ 1664) an arrow pointing at M 104 . Really is a lovely sight , a multiple looking like a small cluster. The second I had always seen as a ghostly speck of a companion to a red star, 86 Virginis, smoky and ghostly .

Sky was reading 19.09 (SQM), waited for M13 , lovely and sparkly and the bright M5 in Serpens. Always pleasing with bright field stars against a bright resolution. Lovely big view of M57 and the "double double" in Lyra. This gave a superb view with an old school 8.8mm UWA Meade. A very nice 8.9 degree C, no dew or seeing problems. 

Continued to Coma Berenices and some targets off the beaten track. Hesitated to pack in at 1,keep safe ,


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Was in and around same area last night splitting doubles. The narrowest gap you've logged, 1.5" on A567 would probably be beyond the optics in the 8" OOUK, F6 newt I was using.  I think four to five seconds is the limit on this scope.  What setup were you using on this list ?




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