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Identify a Sky-Watcher telescope

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A Sky-Watcher telescope has been given to me, it was found by my brother whilst he was clearing a house. I don't know what model it is and I have no information about it, can anyone help by taking a look at the photos and identifying it please?

I use a pair of Celestron binos which are fine for what I need and I'm not sure whether to keep it or sell it. If it doesn't work is there a market for spares for these telescopes? My brother suspects it doesn't work but the owner of the house couldn't provide any details. 

I live in a flat and don't currently have space for it plus I have no garden so don't often get a chance to observe at the moment anyway. I thought about taking it to my local astronomical society and asking about it there but it will be difficult to get in the car (I don't know how to separate the scope from the tripod) and there are no meetings at the moment because of the coronavirus. 

Any help/thoughts appreciated! Thanks. 









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It would be good to know what the label beneath the focuser says - if the focal length is 1000mm then it's a Skyhawk 114, or if it says 500mm then it is a Skyhawk 1145p. 

I prefer the 1145p, as I found the 114 difficult to focus.

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That looks to be the one. Be careful with the way it is set up in your picture, because it's not the right way and it is not balanced, so it could fall over and get damaged, which would be a shame. If you want to get rid of it, a boy or girl-scout club would be a great target... Boys or girls who are getting interested in astronomy have no time or money for bad habits

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4 hours ago, Heywood Floyd said:

Thanks for all the info. I found the label and it says 500mm so it's a 1145p, google seems to confirm. I'll do some research into it then decide what to do, scouts is a good idea. Appreciate the help. 


Then it has a parabolic mirror and is a standard Newtonian design, so it should perform optically pretty well.

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