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Ceph and Cass


Mike JW

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Arp 28 (NGC 7678) (VV 359 - a peculiar galaxy) is to be found in Pegasus. Dr Arp put it in his group of Spiral Galaxies with a heavy arm and it lies about 140 million lyrs away. Colour images show it to be quite blue - it is a starburst galaxy and a Seyfert 2 (luminous nucleus), classified as SAB(rs)c. The heavy arm is the straight/wide arm leading down to the star and I just picked up a couple of star forming regions. The arm going left to right/up also tends to be straight and again I picked up some of the star forming regions. The galaxy has an extensive fainter halo - hinted at in my shot. Presumably this galaxy has had a close encounter to cause the straightened arms and starburst.




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