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I found my original email to Rogelioi.


We already have a thread going on Stargazers Lounge  which is the biggest astro forum in UK. So far comments are more than favorable.
One think we discussed was maybe some way of importing several copies of the book at same time to reduce the postage cost to each recipient.
We are also not sure if we would be hit with import duties as well as the postage.
The cost of the printed book is very fair considering the time and effort that has gone into it but I am sure you are aware the postage add a significant extra cost and if we get import duty on top then it is more than significant.
We were hoping maybe FLO could do the importing in bulk therefore keeping the extra costs reasonable, I do not know if you yourself have considered a UK or European distributor ?


And the reply:

Thanks for pointing the thread at Stargazers Lounge! 
Yes, intl. shipping is crazy, and the keep rising the prices. It's just a book!  I know that shipping two orders together to Europe barely saves any money, because I've tried that before with some of my other books and it didn't work. However, that might be different for larger quantities. This is with the US Postal Service. Private carriers like UPS, FedEx, etc are even more expensive.
Anyway, if someone requests a quote of X books, I will be happy to see how much it'd cost. As for import duty, it's easier for a single book to not be intercepted at customs.  For a large shipping, I would figure there's a higher chance for the shipment to end up in customs, but maybe the total costs of duty fees is less. The crazy thing here are the shipping costs, and sadly, it's not going to go down. With a large scale distribution I could ship a load of books to Europe and hire someone to handle the inventory there, but that works when you sell thousands of copies, which is not the case (and I'm not complaining! just the reality). In any case, it's a topic I never stop revisiting because it's upsetting, that's the truth, and if anything changes I'd update my page immediately, but I don't think it's going to happen.


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Glad I came across this thread.  Hard copy ordered.  Love the thought of having a physical reference book with a digital copy I can access anytime, anywhere.  Handy for when we get back to normal and can travel again.   Thanks for posting Wim. 👍


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