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I also have astigmatism more in my right eye than my left and for the last month have been trying to get used to contact lenses solely for the purpose of astronomy.

Unfortunately because of the astigmatism the contact lens tend to move around the eyeball quite a lot resulting in everything going blurry most of the time ( not very clever when my work involves chauffeuring people around ). My optician did say this would be a problem but I did not realise to such an extent so I have given up on that idea but having discussed it further with my optician she told me a company is developing contacts solely for people with astigmatism and they will be available shortly and I can give those a go.

Keep you posted


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I Have an astigmatism in my right eye and find that I have to go to the right side of the scope to look through the finder then go to the left side to use the focuser, either that or get my head into some painful positions.

As most focusers tend to be on the left of the tube (newtonians), wouldn't it be good if the manufacturers gave an option to have the focuser on the right.

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