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Possible Disintegration of Comet C/2019 Y4 (ATLAS)

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So what is the possible outcome of the current data? A disintegrating comet to a layman like myself could mean it seems to disappear before I get a chance to see it?
could it be the opposite and be more spectacular? Does anyone have more info. I was soooo looking forward to a great comet for smaller scope owners.


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10 hours ago, Rocket Stars said:

I did shoot it friday. Using a edge 8. You can catch it with youre sw150! 

Great minds.... I was out last night with the express desire to see this Comet. Conditions were not perfect with high wispy clouds around making alignment difficult.

I had printed a pdf of the comet from Skyhound (thank you) and attempted a star hop from NGC 2403. 45 minutes of effort with no luck, just kept getting lost. Sometimes the sky looks so different from the charts.

Decided on a reverse manoeuvre. IC445 is much closer to the mag 5 and 8 stars shown close together in the charts next to Atlas. Problem is I can’t see IC445 as my OTA does not have that kind of light grab.
Decided to trust Goto and see if I can recognise anything in the background star field and sure enough, even though I cannot see the IC galaxy the two 9th mag stars either side are visible.

From there it is a direct hop to my target mag 5 and 8 grouping. Small slew south and there is a diffuse blob where no other objects are listed. At this point my dark adaptation is terrible due to looking at charts, so after fifteen minutes without light.....

Clearly visible with averted vision. I can see a diffuse blob with direct vision but better averted. Slight hint of a brighter core. Maybe a hint of elongation, but I say maybe, absolutely no tail.

My Fourth Comet. I went back for five last looks.


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