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1st Astro presentation tonight

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Tonight is the big night.

All of 20 people from my local astro soc will be hanging on my every word................... :lol:

I am giving a talk on double stars & low cost imaging (what else could I?)

I'll let you know how it goes.



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It went well.

The technology behaved it's self and everyone seemed to listen.

Some of the double star stuff caused a few quizzical looks but the low cost imaging was well received.

Plenty of questions at the end.

The talk was about 40mins long so I think I pitched it about right length wise.

Thanks for all your support



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Excellant Ian, I will admit I have a little(?) difficulty on the double star bits, but I stick with it hopeing that something might stick.

Good I had every confidence in you after reading you reports on here.

naz :lol::)

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