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Venus is still within the area covered by the Pleiades tonight and it will still look excellent.  Perhaps better (than yesterday) in that it is more offset from the centre of the group so less dazzling across the central area of the Pleiades themselves.  Also the weather may be better for many of us!

So, particularly if you dipped out yesterday, don't miss out tonight.

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Thanks Paul, just checked and yes it looks to be very close still. I’m going to go for the Genesis tonight for a wider field of view, 3.26 degrees with the 24mm Panoptic or 5.4 with the 40mm.

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All ready for some wide fields and Venus with a little extra ooomph as well. (went 140x yesterday with Tak fs-60Q - didn't break a sweat).

The little Tak is just amazing. Double stars are always on the menu with nice airy discs. Just beautiful. Looks like we'll be lucky in the next few days. Clear skies!

I do cringe every time when I use Bresser though. I paid £137 on Amazon for it in January (less than I paid and then sold the previous one). The focuser on this 10x less priced telescope is an order of magnitude better than Tak.



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I decided to view this conjunction tonight with my Altair 80mm finderscope. Using a Celestron Ultima Duo 17mm 68 degrrees gives 19.5x mag and a 3.5 FOV. Had a quick look and M45 + Venus fills the FOV - fantastic sight so far. Look forward to it getting darker.

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Well, the clouds were thinner than last night...

I can't remember the last time Venus passed through the Pleiades high in a dark sky, it can't be that rare, can it?

So when's my next chance? 

P.S. I prefer evening elongations, please :)

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