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Starquest 102 or Startravel 102

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Hi all, been a while since I have been on here and just want to open with my wish that everyone is safe and well in these weird nightmare times.


A while back I sold my skywatcher 150p due to lack of use and I have been imaging with my celestron nexstar 127 but I am after a quick and easy wide field scope. This is also born with the prospect of Comet Atlas being a worthy visitor at the end of May.

I have owned an ST80 some yeats back and was going to buy the 102 on its EQ mount as its quick and easy and good value and possible ok for the quick mirrorless camera sky shot - BUT - I see they do a diferent but exceedingly similiar model called the Starquest 102 on a similiar EQ mount and its possible to mount a single speed RA drive to this. I wondered if anybody had any insight on best to buy or has used both/either?

Harrison telescopes do the starquest with a drive brought seperate for about £263 delivered.

Any advice greatly appreciated.

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l have the star travel 102. The views of Orion and the Pleiades are spectacular (well to me they are) giving good detail, and possibly even better than in my Celestron CPC 800. l use the EQ3 pro with the EQ5 tripod. l'm going to set this up as a budget AP unit. l have been using Harrison's for a long time cant fault them. He will give you good advice as well. 

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