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Here is color processed version - color calibration on single star B-V index 0.42 - neutral white:


Some of the stars have funny color because of saturation and/or issues with colors having different focus (hence "core" of different color).

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I did a quick process in Photoshop, there are a couple of slight darkened areas from the use of gradient exterminator which I would need to be more careful about if doing it more accurately, but this

I've got a couple of pointers, hope you don't mind me having a go a this data. First - focus is unfortunately a bit off in luminance (have not yet checked other filters). It's a pity as image cou

Thanks for sharing your data. It looks very good to me.   Here is a quick integration in APP and then tweaked in PS.  

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It's all looking good! I appreciate the time you have put into this.


Thank you for that. It was all about producing better and better images which has happened. But perfecting each thing you do is very time consuming :) This is why this hobby is so fantastic. I need to spend more time watching whats going on rather then spend lots of time setting up and then leaving it on a plan for several hours doing nothing.



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