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Our Martian Moon

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Our Martian moon, I figured this would arouse some curiosity, a short while ago I was having  a joyous time observing the moon. Earth shine was so prominent I could easily make out a wealth of detail within it. Observing with my 115 Eon, my fav eyepiece by far for lunar is the Baader Morpheus 9mm, with a magnification of 88x,  72 degree FOV and, very comfortable eye relief, it is a very pleasant eyepiece for lunar. The last time I recall observing a waxing crescent moon, seeing was terrible but, tonight it is average to good, allowing for some truly fine views. I decided to use my phone adapter for some shots, it barely fits my eyepieces and required some rigging but it worked.

If you’re wondering why I used the title “Our Martian Moon” well, I was playing with the image in my phone and, I decided to use a tone which made it look like Mars. Just some toying as I have seen others do with lunar images. Tonight is a clear and beautiful night, I am settled onto my back porch and will soon make some tea, tonight will be special. Discovering this new scope and, for a short while forgetting the fact that I am a prisoner in my home. Tomorrow is a new day, I will have fun writing a report on my adventures tonight, I hope all of you can enjoy the sky tonight.



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Nice report and I'm glad you got yo make use of the recent clear spell!

That second photo makes me think of the year 1968 for some reason...

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