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Hello from the South East (UK)

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Hi All,

Another beginner astroimager here!

Like so many others I started out buying a scope for visual but soon realised that not only could I seem much more when I used a camera rather than my eye.

So currently I've been learning to image on my nexstar 8se with my olympus m4/3 for the last year which is far from ideal to learn on although I recently upgraded the mount to an EQ6-R pro which has made my life at least a little easier and am currently awaiting a QHY163M and wheel to arrive from China.

Next upgrade will probably be a WO GT81 within the next month or so if funds allow.

Primarily I'm interested in DSO and galaxy imaging although I'm definitely going to give planetary a shot in a few years when Jupiter/Saturn come a little higher in the sky.

Looks like you have a great community here and look forward to being a part of it.




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1 minute ago, MikeP said:

Welcome Wyvern.  I'm located in TN8 not too far from you.


Hi Mike,

Not far away at all, Are there ever any SE meetups? Would be good to learn from some of the masters.

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Not far away at all, Are there ever any SE meetups? Would be good to learn from some of the masters.

We organised a meet at a pub in Godstone, must be 10 years ago.  It was good to meet other members but nothing came of it.

There are plenty of societies around http://www.astronomyclubs.co.uk/Clubs/Counties.aspx  and SGL has a star party each year which is well worth attending.


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Just pulled the trigger on the GT81! just in time for the season I'm least likely to use it, but hey ho...I got a refund for what was going to be a diving holiday to the Philippines so I may as well enjoy it!

Field flattener and autoguider to follow. Very excited to see what it can do.

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10 hours ago, Xsubmariner said:

Hi and welcome Wyvern,

I have a WO GTF81 and it is a great scope. You have a good combination with the EQ6R and QHY to produce some excellent images, enjoy.  

Thanks, Fingers crossed!

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