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Mike JW

Leo SHK 154, SHK 318, VV 171, VV 547

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These four shots are a selection of a three hour session working through VV and SHK galaxies in Leo. They are an illustration of the delights to be sampled from little visited galaxies.

SHK 154

This group are the centre piece of Abell 1258. The big image are all the galaxies I identified - circled. The red circle is the SHK group itself.  The cropped image is the SHK group. Number 12 is at about mag 19.3!!!!!!. The other circled fuzz spots I assume to be other galaxies.


































SHK 318 in contrast has just 5 members, tightly packed, in a quiet part of the sky. They make for a nice curve. The double pair - the left one is mag 19.2.


VV 171. Wow what a lovely surprise. I have no idea what I will find when I GOTO a VV galaxy, other than it will be a pair of galaxies. This one is a gem. So much to view. Galaxies everywhere. The VV pairing is the central pair - UGC 4991 A and B. 

















VV 547 - this a galactic wreck. This collision between the two has destroyed them both but the left one must have been the lower mass galaxy because it is totally splattered. Where is its core? - not the star but maybe near to it. Hints of lumpy bits as well - remnants or new stars forming.?





These shots are just a small sample of a wonderful 3 hour session. Mike

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Mike, that's an impressive haul of interesting objects you've looked at there.

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Thanks Bill. There is so much beauty and fascination up there. Mike

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You guys are the absolute Kings of understatement. “Impressive haul” are you kidding?
I was out night before last and got my first look at M64 M85 M100 M98 M88 M91 M90 M86 M84 M89 M87 M58 M59 M49.

Now that is an impressive haul! What Mike posted is nothing short of a symphony. Makes my efforts seem just next door in the grand scale of things.

To say “well done Mike” is an understatement. I follow this thread for exactly this kind of wow.


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That is kind of you. I have the time to devote to this lark. I prepare detailed lists and check the best times for viewing for the evening. Your list of Messiers is excellent. Take your time on each object - get to know them,  just stare at them, try different eyepieces, try using AV to bring out extra subtle detail.............


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