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Resources for a bright young boy.


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The young lad (approx 8-10yo) living next door to me was vrey impressed by some of my astropics he saw rcently..   Any suggestions for online astro resources that might be good for feeding his interest?   I get the impression he's inquisitive and very sharp but I'm not sure what to suggest for that age.     Any ideas welcome.

Best, SR



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There’s quite a few astronomy apps for kids, but if he’s as sharp as you say, kids stuff could put him off. He’s at that turning point in life when just learning is now becoming ...I must know!

My nephews son is very inquisitive and sharp!, at four he could tell you every dinosaur and pronounce their names properly. He’s now six and getting to understand that we’re on a planet and there’s other things out there, so I’m feeding his interest slowly, that way I’ll get to know if he has a genuine interest to know more.

Wether your neighbour has access to an Android device or IOS, ask him if he wants to know more and suggest to him a few apps that you are aware of.

Do you have any Astro mags you could lend him?,  adding how the colour photos have been embellished with the use of filters etc.








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I have over the past couple of years been contacted by younger entheusiasts (via their group leaders/parents) who come across my web site. They were drawn to the 'Links' page at the end of the site when looking for information. Some then indicated that they would like me to put up & pass on certain links (for younger people) that they found useful. That section for Younger  astronomers now has 10 links - which  lead to some pretty good info for a younger age group.

See half way down this page:   https://www.kinchastro.com/information--links.html

At the time, I checked out each link before putting it up on my site.....

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