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Hi I use eqascom (eqmod) and APTEverything was working fine last time I set up.

However when I slew to say Polaris it's not in APT live view window the RA is always 3.5 more on APT and EQmod then on the plate Solve coordinates. It will not synch either comes up with cannot syncg to coordinates exception occured.

Using Astap here is the screen with Polaris centered. Platesolv RA and Dec is correct but APT and EQmod althought the same are not.


Using Eq6 Pro and tried the hand controller and the direct Lynx astro cable and they are botht he same so ruels the cable out.


Screen for reference. Ignore the ghosting in middle this is actually a large antenna in the way :)






2020-03-22 (1).png

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Syncing near Polaris could be rejected by EQMOD/HEQ5/6.  A small offset will result in a huge RA offset. If the offset is too large, the mount will refuse to sync. You better slew first to an east, south, west or zenith location before you try to sync the mount.



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