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Hi from sunny (?) Darlo!

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Hi folks.

Thought it about time that I introduced myself properly alongside my first posted image.  I've been on here a few months and have enjoyed reading the posts and have learnt so much, so thank you all for that!

I'm a proud County Durham lad and now reside in Darlington.  I've been into the night sky since I was a little kid walking back from putting the car away 'round the garages' with my old man, every Friday evening having been to the RC flying club.  My dad still flies regularly at 83!  Used to stop and look whilst he pointed out some of the more obvious constellations.  Can remember seeing my first shooting star too.  Anyway, 40+ years later and a lifetime of looking up and outdoor pursuits including many amazing dark sky bivvies' has kept me interested and ultimately brought me to this point. 

I did spoil myself a little at the end of last year/beginning of this having given up my golf membership and ended up with a Spacecat, CEM40 and more recently ASI533.  I've played around really for a couple of months pre ASI, with an un-modded Nikon D60 just trying to capture things like M42, M31 etc.  Have to admit to doing a bit of a dad dance when I saw things appear on the screen for the first time.  So....now its time to start taking things a bit more seriously and getting a bit more involved on here, hence the pic.  That being said, I've just stacked around a dozen lights and darks (180 secs at gain 75), quick Auto background extractor and a histogram and curve stretch.  Oh and used a filter for the first time tonight, the Optolong L-eNhance Dual Narrowband (I did the dad dance again!).  Nothing too fancy with processing, as I don't quite know what I'm doing yet with Pixinsight, and I would have loved to have gathered more subs tonight but was defeated by clouds and mizzle! 

Final point I guess is just to mention, like my dad, I'm now pointing out the night sky to my 3.5 year old son, or to be more accurate, he points it out to me!  (the moon and Venus when he leaves nursery!)

So much to learn and enjoying every minute!



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