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NGC2359 - Thor's helmet

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Last year in November we moved to a house in the same area but with the Southern view much better than the one we used to live before that. 

Knowing that I now have the chance to shoot some targets that I could never think of from the old house, I decided to push my limits and try a target that I wanted for a very long time. 

NGC2359 is passing the meridian above London at 25 degrees in altitude so this is a difficult target considering the circumstances. 

The photo is a bit noisy and I think that might be the London noise but I'm very happy with the result. 

AT106 with Qhy183m 

115x300sec baader 3.5nm Ha filter

114x300sec baader 8.5nm Oiii filter

I think it would've been much better with a 4.5nm Oiii filter but I'm still waiting for it as it seems that no one has it in stock. 

I hope you like it. 



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That is a really good result with only 300s sub lengths.  The huge number of subframes has certainly beaten down the noise - I wish I had your patience!  

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That's brilliant. I've always considered Thor's Helmet to be a target that's not really doable from here but you've nailed it. Not sure there's enough clear nights here to get that length of integration. May look at it next year,, if we ever get some clear nights.

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Thank you guys, I'm glad you like it. 

Being in such a bad location for low Southern targets, the only thing I can do is push the integration time as far as I can. I guess it really paid off. 

The 3.5nm Ha filter helped a lot too. Can't wait to get the 4.5nm Oiii but who knows when that will happen. I've been waiting for it since the end of December. 


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