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Padded bag recommendations

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Looking for recommendations of large padded bags - the sort you could put tripod legs or a 120-150mm f8 refractor into.

TS optocs have some options but at roughly 80 euros I was hoping they'd be a cheaper option available.


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1 hour ago, Carbon Brush said:

Practical astronomy show on the 27th.
Having a tug at and trying to crush bags has to beat web site pictures!


Don't know of The Widesceen folk will be there but they had I big selection at the I A S.


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Wanting cheaper may provide less or little protection and lead to damage to you scope,
£65 to protect a valuable instrument is a wise investment for me.

I use padded bags from Vixen and Lacerta, both work well and I trust them to protect my kit.

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I bought a cheap lighting stand bag and a block of foam and got busy with a box knife to make a bag for a 4" frac, didn't save anything but it offers much more protection than the typical astro bags.

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3 hours ago, Prador said:

Take a look at oklop stuff.


Reasonably priced. I’ve not added in delivery charges though. 

The Oklop bags are nice for the price. I keep a SW Startravel 120 plus mount and accessories in my bag for small telescopes.


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