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Since Kelling Heath, i have realised how easy it is to mislay kit. The fact is over the years i have accumulated so much.

So i decided to put myself to task, and do a checklist kind of thing so i can keep track of it all.

What started as a reasonably simple list in an excel document has now grown sustantially.

No idea what its all worth but, i wonder now its compiled how i have been able to get by without it!

Especially now with xmas coming and more kit expected!

The crazy thing is, once you pack all the kit for a holiday, there is no space for anything else!

No wonder Astronomy and families often dont mix, and those who do have 4x4's to cart it around!

I am still getting things together for Xmas!

Just thought i would share that useless info with you!

Its all your fault FLO. I blame you :-)

(Thanks for sorting the Calendar btw)


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Its amazing how quickly it accumulates as well.

2 years ago I had no kit at all and had never bothered to look up let alone view the heavens in detail.

2 years later I have 3 scope, I did have 3 mounts but sold 2, numerous eyepieces, 2 pairs of binoculars, a webcam, DSLR, guidecam and a load of assorted accessories such as laser collimators etc.

I know that the above is far less than some but it is definately an equipment hobby. I thought kiting was bad but after 5 years of that I have only 3 kites, 1 board and the associated accessories.

Madness, but a lot of fun.

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Oh it is indeed

Last year i went to Yarmouth to stargaze and realised what i had mislaid or forgotten

Kelling was a bigger nightmare this year for the same reason, especially in the dark.

Things are so easily mislaid.

I think i have all broken down into 3 massive plastic trunks.

A few tupperware containers

A brief case (pilots issue)

I mention it as i am going away for a bit and i need to get all that with clothes, beer etc all into my car!

I gave in today and decided to write an inventory, a checklist kind of thing. Thinking it was a little OTT, now see it certainly isnt!

Oh well musnt grumble i suppose, its one of those hobbies. i expect certainly one of the most expensive ones out there at that!

All good fun.

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