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Can anyone help with m new issue??

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I have added a link o a video of how my mount now sounds after changed only grease and a single plastic gear.

Both the RA and now Dec are having slewing issues.

I'm sure or I hope you can hear how bad the mount sounds when slewing.

The Dec gears only had new grease which I'm sure should cause an issues like this.


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I'm more worried about the erratic stuttering the gears make when slewing at slower speed.

It wasn't making noise like this until I had to replace a gear. And now both RA and Dec are giving erratic behaviour Inthe gears but they work fine at make slew speed. 

Its very strange. 

I left the cover off to show how the gears would jump and stutter at slow speeds.

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17 minutes ago, Geoff Lister said:

I know it is counter-intuitive, but would the (old) thicker grease help dampen-out any resonances in the gear train?

So far I've read a few articles online that said the same thing.

I'm wondering now as white lithium grease is very light that is may not be binding the gears enough to help with the right amount of bite.

To me the grease looked old and sticky but it seems it was meant to be like that.

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It is also possible that the mount requires the mechanical load of the optical tube, so that the motor has something to work against. In an earlier life, I worked on aerospace control systems; and some control loops are unstable without their designed load.

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