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Every pair i've owned has come with this tiny thin strap which is super uncomfortable and I don't think brands put much thought into peoples necks when they throw a neck strap in the bundle last minute. Do you guys buy a camera neck strap to replace yours? If you do replace yours, do you have any recommendations for some based mainly on comfort? 


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Those thin straps are rubbish. You want a wide strap. I use one of these which has little pockets on it.. Called a camera strap but great for bins as well although a bit longer than many binocular straps.


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Yeah I'm glad you guys do think the same. Will have to invest in one. Cheers mateys!

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I like the US Gear strap as it has storage on the strap that can hold lens and eyepiece caps and quick releases so you can take off the strap easily.


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I have a damaged neck so the solution for me (and a necessity rather than a luxury) is a binocular harness, that is even more comfortable than a wide strap.  Normally a harness is much bulkier than a strap.  However I've found the one and possibly only exception is the Rick Young Ultralight.  Not only is it indeed ultralight (1 ounce!), it's so small it easily fits in my binocular case so I leave it on my binoculars permanently. 

It's also extremely versatile as it can be set up in so many different ways.  Additionally it's ever so easy to adjust and doesn't twist.  

It's also much easier to hold the binocular steady, with the result you can see more detail.

Most of all it's extremely comfortable.    I thought the narrowness would mean that it would dig in to my shoulders.  It's counter-intuitive, but even over just a thin shirt it doesn't at all.  This is because the weight is distributed over the chest as well.  I really don't know it's on and carrying my binoculars (Canon 12x36is or Opticron Discovery 8x42) for hours is almost effortless.  I also have one on my dSLR.

Go to http://binoharness.c...larharness.html for further details and a video demonstrating it in use.

At £26.40 it's not cheap but I wouldn't be without it.  In fact every time I buy binoculars or a camera in the future I'll be buying another one.  Go to https://www.amazon.co.uk/Ultra-Light-Binocular-Rick-Young-Outdoors/dp/B018JM01WW/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=rick+young+harness&qid=1582302302&sr=8-1

I'd add that I have no connection with the company other than a (very) satisfied customer.

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I use a shoulder strap that I salvaged from an old laptop/messenger bag, (plus two split-rings), with my 20x80’s - I have used wide camera straps for other binoculars that I have owned in the past. :bino2:


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