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I had this problem and went around the gap between the mirror and tube with black insulation tape. Latest solution was that I made a foam cap to slot over the end. I also tried a good quality black bin bag. Never thought of a..........

11 minutes ago, bottletopburly said:

 Black Shower cap ?

Was only a problem if I was taking darks or flats during the day.

Easy to solve but guess its more annoying than anything.

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I had this exact problem and I had an online laser cutting company cut me a rear cover which is held in place by the small collimation locking screws - they don't seem to do much good anyway and I've not missed them. You can still adjust the primary collimation knobs, though it's easier to get a firm grip by taking the plate off first - only takes a minute.

I used https://www.ponoko.com and I've attached the file I sent in. I've not had any worries about light leakage around the primary since. Cost about £10 I think.


The before and after in daylight:



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