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NGC 2174 - The Monkey Head Nebula

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My first posted picture for quite a while. Been battling gremlins that resulted in stripping down my mount and regreasing etc, all to reduce the amount of lost subs due to being overweight - the scope that is, not me though I could do with shifting a little. Unfortunately do not have the luxury with reducing the scope weight - almost 13kg on the HEQ5 Pro but got the rejections down to about 10% rather than 50. Like the rest of us UK based fools, battling the clouds for some time too.

Anyway, woes aside, here's my attempt at the Monkey Head Nebula. Equipment below.


Ha - 90 x 3 min

Sii - 68 x 3 min

Oiii - 75 x 3 min

Total - 11 hrs 39 mins

Gain 300 Offset 20

Constructive criticism more than welcome. Thanks for looking.



Monkey Net.jpg

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10 hours ago, sloz1664 said:

Really good SHO image David. Nice teals & golds :)


Thank you. Its the first time I'd done NB and whilst its quite straight forward to get the basic colours following all the advice on here and other places, the time consuming part is fine tuning them to taste, and a calibrated monitor helps too plus clean glasses! 😎

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