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First time Venus in UV

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Hi there,

I am a beginner in astrophotography and want to try imaging Venus with my one year old C11.

This is my second attempt on Venus with the C11, and the first in UV. Seeing was very bad, unfortunately.

Here you go, two captures (~ 9000 frames each, 11% stacked) while the seeing was about to move from "very bad" to "horrible":


I also captured Venus through an IR pass filter and tried creating a false-color image composition. However, the result had nothing to do with the UV and IR captures, so I decided to capture more data before trying again.

Since there are many experienced people here, I was hoping for some advise regarding capturing Venus.

  • For me, it's hard to tell if the darker areas in the captures above are actually cloud or atmospheric details or just bad quality areas in my frames. What do you think?
  • I tried imaging Venus in UV through my 2x Barlow, but it seems that the Barlow blocks almost all UV light. What 2x Barlow do you guys recommend for UV imaging?
  • Could it be that the Schmidt corrector plate also blocks some of the UV light? Does it make sense to do UV imaging with a C11? Or should I go with my 8 inch Newton and a TeleVue 5x Barlow?
  • I used an ASI ZWO 290 MMC cam. I guess it makes sense to move to a monochrome cam when using IR or UV pass filters?
  • Do you have any good tutorials on how to create a composition of IR and UV images from Venus? I looked up some tutorials, but it would be great to get recommendations here.

Any help is highly appreciated.


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yes I'm trying venus in uv as well, just need some more stable atmosphere with fast cam to get any detail. keep going tho as it is on my bucket list to get the clouds imaged. zwo120m and 8"sct with baader UV filter and FR with and without, and adc from zwo, just not enough exp and maybe too slow a cam. this was mine from last week, albeit I'm just starting out and is also my ist image of venus.

VENUS NO2 X2 TELEXTENDER SCT8 742 NM 2020-02-06-1825_0 - Copy_g3_b3_ap3 jpeg.jpg

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