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B33 using L-Enhance and first time Pixinsight

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This is my first image using my Optolong L-Enhance dual band filter and the free version of Pixinsight, which does certainly take a lot of time to learn. I know it's not going to win any prizes but I'm quite pleased with it. Especially after all the time it's taken me to produce Master Darks, bias and flats today, luckily the weather has meant I've been stuck indoors most of the day.

This is with my Esprit 100ED, Canon 450D, 24 * 300s Lights, 100 flats, 100 Bias & 30 darks. I do struggle with post processing as I'm not very artistic, so all advice on where to go forward with this will be appreciated. I am hoping to get some more subs with my LP filter to add to it.


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Yes, great image of that horsey in the sky. 

I think it's a characteristic of your filter, but the flame has lost its golden colour.

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@wimvb Thanks and I believe you are right about the filter, hopefully we will get a clear night soon when the moon is out of the way and I can get some subs with my LP filter and then combine the two. Something else to learn, onwards and upwards with this hobby.

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    • By bencevokoszt
      Hey guys, can you help me with how to fix this?
    • By alexbb
      I've been processing this image for quite a long now.
      I started acquiring data the last season when I only managed to shoot 3 panels with the Canon 6D through the Esprit 80 for a total of ~7h.
      This season I restarted and I added more data and covered a wider area. So a mix of portrait and landscape panels were planned and shot with the same scope and camera. Now every pixel represents at least 3-4h of integration, some have more.
      All the above were shot from Bortle 2-3 sites where I traveled sometimes even for an hour of exposure.
      To the RGB data I added 17.5h of Ha, same story with the panels. Some were oriented N-S, others E-W. These were shot with the SW 72ED and the ASI1600 from home and Bortle ~7.
      Then I figured out I still had time and I planned and shot 9 more panels of luminance with the 72ED and ASI1600, each consisting of 1h of exposure.
      I combined all of these into an image, processed it and for the Orion nebula and Running Man nebula I also blended some data I shot last season with the 130PDS and ASI1600 from home.
      Below it's my first final version of all data combined. You can watch it in full resolution on astrobin: https://www.astrobin.com/full/jni0w8/ or Flickr: https://flic.kr/p/2iBGUXq

    • By vineyard
      Here's my first shot at M35.  Primaluce 72ED, Astronomik CLS-CCD filter, ASI 178MC, Pixinsight.  Only 20 lights of 30 sec.  Biases & flats applied.  There's definitely some weird things in there (a line of small red dots towards the bottom right hand corner, about an inch or so in from each edge).  I don't think its a processing artefact, because it appears in the first integrated image.  I tried to upload 16 bit darks but PI is again not letting me do that for some reason (but it does let me load 8 bit darks).  I'm thinking it could be hot pixels (?) but wouldn't they be removed by the biases?  I tried processing the lights with both 8 bit darks added, and no darks, and the image was better without the 8 bit darks.  In both cases that little pattern is there.  Does anybody have ideas where that's coming from (or has anyone experienced that before)?
      (PS: that weird motif is best seen by zooming in on the image.  And then you can see it appears in other parts of the image too.  It seems to already be in the image after integration, but before any other processing is done.  Is there such a thing as a stacking artefact - if so, how could I avoid that?  Thank you!)

    • By Dinglem
      I recently posted a picture of B33 using my Optolong L-Enhance filter which was not too bad, a bit red, for my first time trying out Pixinsight. Last night I managed to get nearly 2 hours using my IDAS D2 LPS filter and after watching many Youtube videos I've managed to get the following using my Esprit 100ED and modded canon 450D, 21*300s Lights, flats, darks and bias frames. I think I'm starting to get my head around post processing.

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