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B33 using L-Enhance and first time Pixinsight

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This is my first image using my Optolong L-Enhance dual band filter and the free version of Pixinsight, which does certainly take a lot of time to learn. I know it's not going to win any prizes but I'm quite pleased with it. Especially after all the time it's taken me to produce Master Darks, bias and flats today, luckily the weather has meant I've been stuck indoors most of the day.

This is with my Esprit 100ED, Canon 450D, 24 * 300s Lights, 100 flats, 100 Bias & 30 darks. I do struggle with post processing as I'm not very artistic, so all advice on where to go forward with this will be appreciated. I am hoping to get some more subs with my LP filter to add to it.


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Fantastic.  Never tire of great HH images. 

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Yes, great image of that horsey in the sky. 

I think it's a characteristic of your filter, but the flame has lost its golden colour.

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@wimvb Thanks and I believe you are right about the filter, hopefully we will get a clear night soon when the moon is out of the way and I can get some subs with my LP filter and then combine the two. Something else to learn, onwards and upwards with this hobby.

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    • By AstroRuz
      So I was fortunate enough to get one of the new Optolong L-eXtreme Filters for review, and even though there has been a heatwave this week I just had to give it a go.
      On the Monday I turned the equipment to the Eastern Veil Nebula NGC 6992. I first attempted 5 minute exposures, but I wasn't getting as much signal through as I was hoping. 
      I ended up having to bump the exposures up to 10 minutes, ISO 800 with the L-eXtreme on the East Veil
      There was a definite green colour cast to the image. But after manually correcting this with a simple levels adjustment and some editing, the final result looked good for just 2 hours of data at 30 Celsius!
      I also turned this to the Pelican Nebula. I only managed to get 1.5hrs of data with this and the sensor was a whopping 33'C which damaged the data and induced some significant banding that I'm currently troubleshooting and trying to rectify. The data picked up though was nice even after an aggressive amount of noise reduction. The colours of the nebula are nice also. Very reminiscent of the Optolong L-eNhance filter (which makes sense). I just need more data and cooler data. The Pelican Nebula was shot with 5 minute sub exposures ISO800 on account of the temperature. If it was cooler I would've definitely used 10 minute exposures minimum.
      First impressions are promising. Very excited to try this more and to share my thoughts with you throughout my time with this filter. 
      If you want further information then you can see my Optolong L-eXtreme First Impressions on YouTube
      If you want further reading then you can read the post on my website.
      Thanks everybody. Clear skies, keep looking up and keep them cameras clicking.

    • By kryptonite
      I'm not experienced with LRGB imaging, so thought i'd give it a go on M81. However, when i combine the 4 individually processed integrations i end up with horrible colour hues across the image - they're all aligned and wotnot. Am i running into the issues of light pollution (inside the M25), which i can only remove with aggressive DBE application?  Individual files attached.

    • By kryptonite
      I've got a 5 year old desktop, which i think performs decently and does my Pixinsight processing pretty well. However, i want to change to a laptop for the form-factor, but i don't want to compromise on performance.
      This is my rig: https://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/27054387
      What machine do you use and how does it perform with Pixinsight? Any folk familiar with computer hardware able to provide steer on whether i'm due an upgrade?
      Looking to understand how others do their processing.
    • By chriscoles
      Hi, I have taken mono LRGB images of M51 with my new ASI1600mm-PRO.
      I have a mix of 30s, 60s, 120s subs. 100 darks, and 100 flats for each filter. About 4 hours total.
      I Used DSS for alignment and stacking, then Pixinsight for LRGB combination.
      My issue is that i'm not happy with the colours, the stars all appear white and the background is strange.
      I have attached the Aligned LRGB images.
      Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks!

      Green.TIF red.TIF Lum.TIF B.TIF
    • By bencevokoszt
      Hey guys, can you help me with how to fix this?
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