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Hi folks

I normally spend most of my time on UKAI but after finding out about this forum from another user, I thought it'd be rude not to join up.

So Hello to everyone on here, I hope to have a good nosey around over the weekend and see what I've been missing out on!

About me: I've always been interested in the night sky, but nothing really more than that. I started off like most with a cheap small reflector telescope, bought that in 2005. It got used once in a blue Moon :( it turned into more of an ornament. I didn't do much more for the next couple of years. Then I got a Meade 6" newtonian with Goto - that was a revelation. It took me about four months to get a couple of clear nights so the progress initially was very slow. Then one evening it sort of clicked, and although initially inspired I quickly grew slightly disappointed with visual astronomy. Having said that, the view of the planets through the scope is something else and everyones first view of Saturn is surely a landmark in their hobby.

I got a Toucam in 2007, and that began my astro imaging hobby. I spent many evenings imaging the Moon, and Saturn. Around the same time I acquired a new Canon 400d, and I suppose that was it really. I can remember my first DSO exposure - it was of M57. It was bitterly cold in February, slewed the scope round to M57 using Autostar, and set it to 30s. I couldn't believe it! That novelty of imaging hasn't worn off for me, and every time I review images on the screen it makes all the setting up, cold, equipment failures, PC problems, cloud, guiding issues seem immaterial!

Any way I've ranted on enough for now, I look forward to getting to know the site and the users :wave:


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