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Analyse LHC Data for yourself!

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I noticed that the CERN Atlas collaboration now make LHC data
available to the Public! The claim is that high-school, undergrad
and postgrad student (and enthusiastic self-learners) can have a
go at being a "Particle Physicsist"?!? 😎




With a little prior knowledge I DID actually get it to "do something"! 🥳

IF you are a STEM Teacher or Student you might like to have a go?
Don't ask/blame me?!? But this might inspire some future scientist? 😀

P.S. If you are not at all serious, perhaps best not to click randomly.
We probably don't want to bring CERN's computers to their knees! 😅

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Chris, just over a year ago I took a group of 6th year Physics pupils to a workshop at the University of Glasgow Physics department. This was one of the activities that was set up and I was surprised just how well the students took to the exercise; they tuned into it a lot quicker than I did :)   It's good to see that CERN are making it widely available; in a class setting it would certainly help liven up what can otherwise be a bit of a dry topic. Thanks for sharing the link. 


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Great Stuff, Jim! In the world of social media, I find it good to hear that
(what I call) "Grass Roots" science publicity... The Universities, National
Laboratories and the Schools are still doing their STEM thing! 🙂

I did visit Glasgow Physics Dept., back in '79 or so. Travelled there/back
(train) from Manchester on a (freezing) FOGGY Winter day! A bit grim. lol.
I quickly remark *many* University Campuses are now much changed... 😎

Yes, youngsters do quickly grasp the intricacies of "complex" sciences? 🥳

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Chris, the Physics Department at Glasgow  do indeed have an very proactive outreach program -  every year they put on a day long series of workshops and lectures aimed at 5th and 6th year students. Particles Physics has figured highly over the past few years. For those schools in the central belt it really is an amazing service.. Coming across from Fife we had to travel a little further but it was well worth and I would thoroughly recommend it to any school (Physics depts). 

As for youngsters picking things up quickly - I wonder if it's a relativistic  thing - perhaps we are slowing down :)  


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