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My last observation of the Moon was on February 5th before Storm Clara swept in to cause mayhem in these parts.  With Storm Dennis arriving this weekend, I was desperate for any observing opportunity.  Checking all the forecasts I use, it seemed there may be the possibility of some gaps in the cloud in the early hours.  Alarm set for 2.30, saw a hazy Moon through an upstairs window so got up and rushed to get the 120ED up and running in the observatory. By 3 am all set up just as cloud completely obscured the Moon.  Luckily by 3.15 am there were a few breaks, still a bit hazy and poor seeing, but a chance at least. I had a short session with the Moon never totally free of cloud or haze until around 4 am when the sky was completely cloud covered.

I managed some quick pics (single frames with the Olympus E-M5 Mk11) and afterwards some eyeball time before the cloud rolled back in. The sun was setting over Theophilus which was filled with shadow, only the rim being illuminated.  The photo below was taken at 3.24 am, 1/160 sec at 400 asa.  The close up of the area surrounding Theophilus is a crop of the same frame.

Very pleased to get a session in between the two storms, it may be a few days before I have another chance.






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I made a mistake, we have an amber warning for very heavy rain from 9 am Saturday morning until 3 pm on Sunday afternoon!  That's a continuous downpour for thirty hours or more!  Could be quite scary around here over the weekend.

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