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Help explaining graphs please....


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Ok, so my mount is sealed under a Telegizmo 365 cover with a dew band around running from 12v and on all the time, it keeps the temp under there approx 5-6 degrees above ambient.. it’s airtight under the cover.

Also I have a dessicant pack, one of the ones that you plug in to re charge when saturated, in my case about once a month...

no we know that humidity rises when air gets cold and lowers when air warm us, that much is fact, so can someone please explain these two graphs, one is from a Bluetooth  sensor outside and the other from under the mount cover, as you see the outside one has moved as it should, temp up humidity down and vice versa, but look at the EQ8 graph for the same 24 hour time period, so I can assume it’s something to do with the desiccant, but how and why is it altering science like that.... temp goes up and so does humidity and then temp comes down and so does humidity....I can’t get my head around it, unless it’s something to do with the fact it’s a sealed space, no air in or out...

Oh and yes I have swapped the sensors round to see if one was faulty...

Any ideas...? 🤔🤔




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