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COMPLETED - Binoculars Zeiss Asembi C80/500 20x 40x with accessories


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Hello there,
I am selling a big pair of binoculars from Zeiss:
CARl ZEISS JENA 80 x 500 /20x - 40x binoculars with tripod and case. The binocular is the civilian version of a military scope from the GDR military. Objective lens diameter is C-type 80mm and focal length of this binocular is 500mm. Included is the original tripod and wooden storage case. The halfpancratic eyepieces give 20x magnifications (f = 25 mm; field of view 2.5 °, corresponding to 44 m to 1000 m) and 40x (f = 12.5 mm; field of view of 1.25 °, corresponding to 22 m to 1000 m ).
I Got them cleaned, regreased and collimated properly by Joerg K. at Wellenform in Germany. The total weight is about 22kg without packing material. There are small paint chips on the body and one major indent/chip of paint missing. Nothing wrong to the lenses. Due to the age there is minimal wear to the exterior of the binoculars, nothing that is considerable. Please look closely at all pictures. Please ask if you have any questions about the product.

CAUTION : READ THIS BEFORE planning to buy them, shipping is possible but it is my worry, because any big shock or too heavy vibrations for a long time could cause an out of collimation. One prism was slightly out of collimation when I got them, merging at 20x was easy but I had troubles merging the view at 40x. Now they work perfectly, Wellenform has done a great maintenance job, it is the company that APM uses to upgrade their binos if you buy their « upgraded » version. I have the invoice for the job done, but it will mean not much if the transporter is not cautious and if the binos arrive out of collimation.

Give me your e-mail address, for more photos.

Price is 1500 euro and then add : shipping costs will be somewhere between 100 and 200€ depending on the country of destination, I will use UPS or DHL or Fedex. I do not take any responsibility if they arrive de-collimated. Pick them in France at home and it is 200 euro cheaper, since I don't need to find any bubble wrap, box, nor driving 50km to go to DHL...

clear skies










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