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60mm cheap Maksutov


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I've picked up a 60 mm Mak on a sale from Astroshop in like December and managed to do some testing, viewing with it. It's likely just a SkyWatcher rebrand but SW seems to not really offer less than 90mm Maks that often. At 77 EUR the price is very low for a telescope and it works - at low magnification you can see somewhat small but sharp Moon. On the other hand I had to collimate it and had some problems getting the correct defocused star image - and thus good quality of higher magnification views.

For daytime use, as a finderscope for a bigger telescope or maybe even a guidescope it could work...

Full review on my site: https://rk.edu.pl/en/mightmak-60-small-and-cheap-maksutov-telescope/


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I beleive JeremyS has one or had one and thought it was OK for the price but the imcluded table top tripod was rubbish. The version with a dob mount would be more usable but not so usefull as a tiny travel scope.


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I have one one of these little scopes.


My daughter uses the tripod for her little digital camera.

I took the scope on holiday and used it as a long focal length lens to capture a rocket launch from 5 miles away using a Canon 1000d. Vignetting as expected.


I’d be interested to know how to collimate it. 





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