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collimation colly wobbles

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Hello guys,

I am due to buy a Skywatcher explorer 200 (EQ5) and join the massed ranks. Although I am still awaiting management final approval :shock:

As someone who has never even looked down a telescope (not counting the ones at the beach) I am a little concerned about collimation on reflectors -how easy is it for a complete dunderheed like me to do without damaging the scope ?

Also how often does it have to been done ?

Thanks guys,


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With each article I read, i think I will have a go, go and set the scope up, get the tools out and then think, maybe not, It is probably fine as it is!!

One day


Well thats the Answer then :lol::) :)

but testing its collimatoin is part of the whole thing so if you are testing it and its on or not then I presume its only logical to take the next step before you know it you have it done :)

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It's dead simple, will take 10 min's and you'll wonder what all the fuss is about....

You need a Cheshire eyepiece and a mark on the centre of your main mirror. If you have no centre mark on your main mirror then you will have to take the mirror out to put a "Doughnut" in the center. :shock:

Even that's fairly easy - it's the worry of dropping or damaging the mirror's the problem :lol:

Once you have collimated the whole thing you can do the "Star test"

Couple of things......

The scope should be collimated on the mount - to prevent sag in the mirror mount

It should really be done outside with the scope at temperature..

If I get time i'll do a Primer and post it with pics..


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