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Deep sky imaging showcase 2019

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Many apologies for the late(ish) setup for this, but (yay!) its now time for the 2019 imaging showcase!! :)

Please use this thread to showcase your best images captured during 2019. Just one post per member but you can include up to 5 images if you want.

The thread is for all imagers, both novices and advanced.

Please keep details to a minimum - scope and camera possibly along with a few comments.

The thread needs to be packed with images so please don't respond to the postings. The previous years showcase thread(s) can be found here:


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Only one night in six was any good this year.  

All using Astro modified Canon 700d

My first attempt at a bi-colour, Ha and Oiii, the Witches Broom:



Pickering's triangle:



NGC 4565


Six panel mosaic of the Rosette:



Four panel mosaic (using 200 mm Canon lens and Ha filter) of Sadir region:


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Putting these in order, First a wide field of Orion, HRGB, 35mm f/2.8 Leitz Elmarit-R, ASI1600 Star Adventurer. This is the first image from my Bortle 4 location. The huge spikes are from an unseen telephone wire.


And a close up of the Sword and Flame. 180mm f/3.4 Leitz Apo-Telyt-R, again with ASI1600, HLRGB


Markarian's Chain. the only image I managed during "Galaxy Season". WO Megrez 90, 0.79x reducer, ASI1600 on HEQ5. There are a few trails that I couldn't get rid of.


Then a long gap until August, and the Crescent Nebula in Cygnus. HOO mapped H>red, H+O>green. O>blue. TS Photoline triplet apo, SX694, Astrodon 3nm NB filters.


And lastly the Deer Lick group with Stephan's Quintet. Again the TS apo with Baader LRGB and Astrodon H-alpha, 17.5 hours total.


And that's it. Unfortunately I cannot include my image of M33, as that was the beginning of January this year.

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Only 3 photos for me this year (!), two of the below are detail shots, but I'm pleased with what I managed - loving my long focal length plus narrowband detail 🙂


Rosette (HOO):



Ced 214 (SHO) + detail:





Swan (HOO) + Ha mono detail:





Equipment as per sig

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Hi All. Witch Head Nebula, HaLRGB, Tak FSQ107/Atik 11000/Mesu 200.


Comet Iwamoto in the Flaming Star region. Comet imaged with guest Anne van Houwelingen in our TEC140/Atik 460. Background image Tak FSQ106/Atik 11000. Mounts Mesu 200.


NGC7331 and Stephan's Quintet, HaLRGB, Dual TEC140/Atik 460/Moravian 8300/Mesu 200. Imaged with guest Dave Boddington.


IC348 extended to include NGC1333 with guest Paul Kummer. HaLRGB. Widefield mosaic, Tak FSQ106/Mesu200/Atik 11000. High res sections Dual TEC 140/Atik 460/Moravian 8300/Mesu 200.


...and finally NGC1333 from the high res contribution to the previous image, also with Paul Kummer and the dual TEC140.


Special thanks to the co-owners of some of the kit used here, Steve and Elisabeth Milne and Tom O'Donoghue, as well as to the guests credited above. Thanks also to Rob for the thread and to all at SGL and FLO.





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Friends, here are some of mine 2019ers. More images and info on them on: https://www.astrobin.com/users/gorann/

Cheers, Göran

M100 and as many neighbors as I could squeeze in. Home obsy with Esprit 150 and ASI071 on Mesu200. 7.1 hours.


NGC 7331 and Deer Lick group. Home obsy 2. First light with the mighty Meade 14"LX200R (ACF) on EQ8. Canon 60Da for RGB and ASI1600MMcool for Lum. 5 hours.


Cave Nebula (Sh2-155) HaRGB. Dual rig in home obsy with ASI1600 for Ha on Esprit 100 and ASI071 for RGB on Esprit 150, on Mesu 200. 14.8 hours.


Some space oddities. The major blob is Sh2-232 and the two minor blobs to the right are Sh2-235 and Sh2-231. Not sure what the fourth and smallest blob is called. I collected RGB with the Esprit 150 and ASI071 (0.79x TS reduser) and Ha with the Esprit 100 and ASI1600MM cool. Dual rig on Mesu 200 in home obsy. 15 hours.


Finally, one image from my trip to Lizard Island on the Great Barrier Reef in December. A two panel mosaic of the Witchhead Nebula (IC2118) lighten up by Rigel, taken with Canon 300 mm f/4 USM and ASI071 on a Star Adventurer travel mount. 4.2 hours on a very dark sky far from "civilization".


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Here's some of mine... .. and thanks to @ollypenriceI get six!

M101 and friends...  LHaRGB Esprit150/SX46, Mesu200



Crescent Nebula and Soap Bubble  Ha_R_Oiii_G_OiiiB  Esprit150/SX46, Esprit100/ASi1600, Mesu200



Witches Broom  Ha_R_Oiii_G_OiiiB Esprit150/SX46, Esprit100/ASi1600, Mesu 200


Eastern Veil  Ha_R_Oiii_G_OiiiB Esprit150/SX46, Esprit100/ASi1600, Mesu 200



Elephants Trunk Nebula SHO_RGB stars Esprit150/SX46, Esprit100/ASi1600, Mesu 200





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i did finally restarted with AP after lots of issues family and personal wise.  but now i am finally getting over all, including fighting now for 4 weeks+ against CoViD19 . i am happy to be back here and my planning is to stay and bang everything there is out of my PDS and EQM35PRO mount. for the moment i use a Fujifilm X-T2 to photograph with.

Autosave 1.tif


M38 38*50s iso800

Autosave_4M38 twhilight.jpg

M37 39*50s iso 800

Autosave_2M37 23min30.jpg

M42 67*20s


M13 color and B&W 22*60s , 20*50s and 19*40s


A little update :) 




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adding another version of M51
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These were my best from 2019, all taken with my 10" GSO/Altair Truss F7.9, Moravian G2-8300Mk II, I'm sure I could process far better than then, but at the time I was really quite pleased.


NGC7635 The Bubble Nebula 8 Hours Integration


Melotte 15, 8 Hours Integration


IC410 - The Tadpole Nebula 11.0 Hours Integration.



IC1396 - The Elephant Trunk Nebula 10.7 Hours Intergration


Messier 51 10.1 Hours Intergration

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Wow how great are all these images. A true inspiration! 

2019 marked the first year for me shooting with a mono camera and filter wheel. And I am just loving it! Hope you enjoy some of my pics :) 

All shot with my Esprit 100, EQ6-R Pro and ASI 1600mm-pro with stock ZWO filters. I'm quite proud of my images (if that's not bragging too much!), so I feel I've earned it to upgrade to Chroma 3nm NB filters this year.











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