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Orion Highlights in Grey

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Started to get into projects using a Baader Ha(7nm) filter on the ASI1600. 
The clear nights I got over last weekend were an unexpected bonus, but with the moon making its presence known , so imaging was always going to be Ha.
M42 is just under 3.5hrs of integration from last Friday night
Horsehead and Flame just over 4hrs integration time from Monday evening and addition subs from December last year
Both images use120s subs at unity gain. I used various levels of stretching on M42 image that I then used in a ridiculous number of masked layers in PS to compress the high dynamic range in M42.
I also used quite a bit of artistic license on the Horsehead and Flame with Alnitak to reduce halo and micro-lensing from the ASI1600 CMOS sensor.
Processing used APP to stack and integrate then mostly Photoshop to process but I did experiment with PI and used StarNet++ to work out how to stretch the gaseous stuff and not bloat the stars.....not sure that was entirely a success.

I also did a Ha wide field of Orion and belt a couple of years ago using Samyang 135mm that I added a mosaic tile to that brought in a bit of Barnards Loop - added that to give perspective on the closeup images. My plan is to build on the mosaic when Orion comes back in the Autumn , I know its not gone completely yet, but by 9pm its past meridian and lost in tall hedges...

image.png.ac1c824d25bb82d0f1171f6743de725c.pngI do have a rather outrageous colour image of M42, I am hesitant to post up as I used it as an experiment to combine all my DSLR and ASI1600 versions and maximise what I had..... here's a thumbnail, let me know if you would like a full resolution version posted...






M42 Great Orion Nebula


Horsehead Nebula (Barnard 33) and Flame Nebula (NGC 2024) in Orion


SH2-276 Barnards Loop, M42 Orion nebula & Horsehead & Flame nebula


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