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Hi from East Yorkshire


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Hi. I am totally new to star gazing although I have always been interested with the night sky so I have decided to start a new hobby. I had a lovely Christmas present from my hubby - a Sky Watcher SkyMax-127 with AZ-GTI Wi-Fi mount. Perfect for a brand new beginner!!

is there anyone on here who has one? Any tips? Know of a SynScan manual? I appear to be being a total dingbat and it is so frustrating and upsetting! I thought I would be fine with all this (I was an IT Consultant before stopping work!) but I am struggling with the app on my iPad and understanding how to use it. WiFi and set up has been fine - but I don’t know if alignment has been done properly. The telescope seems happy enough moving around for planets and stars etc. - but I don’t seem to understand the screen and comments and what I should be doing.

Any advice would be brilliant!





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Welcome to the forum and what a wonderful present to get 🙂

Are these links any help ?



Sky-Watcher Skymax 127 OTA Manual

I am pretty new to all this and found this forum brilliant, so informative and very friendly.

Enjoy your present (if the skies ever clear again up here 🙂 )


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Hi Alison,

welcome to the forum.  Can’t advise you on the Synscan - there are a couple of Youtube vids that may help but if your question doesn’t get answered in the welcome thread, try reposting your question in the “Getting Started, Equipment Help and Advice” thread.

wishing you many dark skies from N Yorks.


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Hi Alison, welcome to SGL. Have a a look at the Astronomy and Nature videos on YouTube, there is a great tutorial on your set up. Sorry I can’t give you a link as I am away from my pc and am not able to sort it on my iPad.

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Hi Alison and welcome to the forum :hello:

I've got an azgti too, and have used it with a very similar scope.  Its a nice combination -  I was out with it last night, and will hopefully do the same tonight!

I must admit to using the mount with a synscan handset rather than via a phone/tablet, but if you let us know where things are going wrong I'm happy to test with the phone and help if I can.  (If it is any consolation, I've used many different types of scopes and systems, but still found this mount and the app weren't straightforward plug-and-play)

We'll get you sorted :hippy2:


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Hello Alison


Welcome to SGL, always nice to see a fellow East Yorkshire lass/lad joining this awesome community. 

I am from Hull originally and lived in Beverley until a few years ago when I moved down to southern softie land due to work commitments. 


I also have the AzGti and Skymax 127. 


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